Change Your Life… and Lose Friends & Family?

NOTE: This was a guest post I had done a couple of months ago for a site called Apparently, this site does not exist anymore, so I decided to repost the original guest post here.

Change Your Life - Expressive Senior PortraitI have to assume that most people I know are NOT happy. They are okay, getting by, satisfied in the best of cases. We live in a society where you are taught values that have been established by the industrial revolution. You ought to get specialized in a specific field and then work diligently until you’re too old to get the work done. This kind of system sure is nice if you happen to be a factory owner, but if you are an educated individual who is in constant self-discovery and trying to have a meaningful impact on your surroundings… not so much!

Heading in the wrong direction

You see, most of us know, consciously or subconsciously, that we are heading in the wrong direction, but we stick to it. People generally assume that this is how it is supposed to be. If you try to change this situation, you will certainly encounter a lot of resistance in your immediate entourage. How dare you question the values that were passed on by your parents and grand-parents? How dare you think you need not adhere to the unwritten rules of society? How dare you demand to be truly happy? [Read more…]

Back in the saddle

Back In The SaddleI’m back in the saddle after a bit of a downtime here at Office No More. I’ve had to deal with the grave illness and subsequent loss of a parent. I still have worked sporadically on some of my niche sites, but I haven’t done any major work for a few months now.

But I now feel that my motivation picked up again and I’m trying to decide on the direction in which to focus my efforts. My initial plan was to quickly build some niche sites to get to a positive cash flow so that I can reinvest this money in software purchases and outsourcing. However, my dabbling in niche site creation has been rather half-hearted and I slowly realize that I always encounter some real resistance whenever I try to use shortcuts to get some quick cash. I am apparently really concerned about providing real value to people when I want their cash. Hehe, who’d have thought?
[Read more…]

Goals & Expectations (and some Self-advice)

Hands forming a square to frame the viewBefore truly embarking on this journey I’d like to dedicate my first post to identifying and describing my (current as of this writing) long-term goals and to jotting down some of the things I expect to happen in the following months or years. Each item on my list of expectations will be concluded by a piece of self-advice that might help me stay on course in the future.

The list of long-term goals will be followed by another post to set some immediate milestones directly or indirectly related to these major goals.
Read on to find out what my current state of mind is…