Thiefs, Beggars & Traders: On Making Money Online

The Thief, The Beggar & The Trader - On Making Money Online - CalligraphyDuring my first tries at making money online, I often encountered some kind of inner resistance to specific methods I was testing out. At several times, I had an idea I thought could work, I put in a lot of effort to get this into a state where I could put it online only to find out that I couldn’t bring myself to hit the ‘Publish’ button. The first few times I was not really aware of this, I assumed that I was just not satisfied with how my work turned out, so I kept fiddling and optimizing… but I never clicked that ‘Publish’ button.

After several iterations of this whole process, I began to realize what was going on. It was most blatant when I tried to build an online shop with customized PLR eBooks. The goal was clear: I needed to find a way to get some quick cash flow going to be able to accelerate my efforts through outsourcing. I searched for a long time to get the best PLR eBook I could find. The one I finally bought did indeed have lots of value inside, but I knew that most of the topics that were discussed in this eBook were only glossed over. I did a completely new layout for the eBook, corrected all of the typos, added some clarifications… but I could not possibly sell this under my Office No More brand, as it did not match the quality standard I had set for myself.

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Don’t Ignore this Feeling!

Don't Ignore this Feeling! Image of a man reflecting on life.I am not a very emotional person. I don’t “listen to my gut“, I rather tend to over-analyze things and I base my decisions on intellectual reasoning.

That’s why I got most of the important decisions in my life wrong so far!

I have been working at my current job for nearly 10 years now. It has often been an interesting journey, and I sure learned a lot about a whole bunch of stuff. But for years now a feeling grew inside of me which I simply cannot ignore anymore.

Whenever I was unsatisfied with my job, I tried to argue to myself that I should be happy to be where I am… that there are people out there that don’t have a job at all… that there are people who are enduring much worse than what I have to put up with each and every day. But you know what? Knowing that there are worse circumstances than mine doesn’t make me any unhappier! [Read more…]