38 Fiverr Outsourcing Suggestions for the Cost-efficient Marketer

What’s a busy marketer to do when time is flowing faster than cash? Here’s 38 suggestions on how to improve your marketing through fiverr outsourcing…

What’s fiverr?

Screenshot of the header of the fiverr.com website

In case you haven’t heard about it yet, fiverr.com is a marketplace where people offer to do jobs for $5 a pop. The range of jobs on offer is pretty diverse, but don’t expect to get someone to write a book for you for 5$…

Most job offerings (also called gigs) can be enhanced for additional dollars, depending on the type of task at hand. A 2-minute video offering might be extended to 5 minutes, for example.

It is a very fun and inexpensive way to enter the world of outsourcing, and it may as well be used to pull pranks on your friends!

What can I outsource?

Here below you will find a non-exhaustive list of things you might consider outsourcing through fiverr.com which will hopefully spark your imagination.


  • Header design – Having a graphical custom-designed blog header is almost always preferable to the standard text title. There are countless fiverr gigs on offer to design such a header. Banners & Headers category
  • Logo design – A nice logo renders your site more recognizable and is the easiest way to get a consistent branding across several sites & accounts. It can also be used as your favicon, to get rid of that pesky icon your hosting provider set up! Logo Design category
  • Theme design – Don’t expect a first class fully optimized custom theme in the 5$ price range, but it might still be preferable to spending hours on end trying to find a free theme that gets the message across. WordPress Theme search
  • Creative profile image – Want something a bit more creative to use as a profile image, gravatar, icon? There are hundreds of styles to choose from at fiverr. Creative Profile Picture collection
  • Email newsletter design – Get a custom designed email newsletter template to distribute your email messages in style. Email Newsletter search


  • Articles – There are several writing gigs on offer varying widely in quality. Do not even think about using these articles for your main site, but they come in handy when you need to fill those niche sites and article directories with content. Website Content category / →
  • Press releases – Everybody just LOVES writing press releases… not!  They are a nice way to collect backlinks and gather traffic, so hire a gig and be done with it! Press Releases category
  • Reviews – Let someone review your eBook or website for some additional google coverage. Just make sure you don’t breach any FTC regulationsReviews category
  • Copywriting – Yes, even sales copy can be outsourced through fiverr. Quality certainly will vary, but to some of us it might still be an improvement. Copywriting category
  • Editing – The eBook you wrote certainly could benefit from some thorough proofreading and editing. If you don’t want to pester your beloved ones, give fiverr a go! Proofreading & Editing category
  • eBook Cover – Although it’s a digital product, your freshly edited eBook needs a physical depiction as well, this adds to the perceived value and is a nice way to advertise it. eBook Covers category


  • Facebook fan pages – You’ll need a proper Facebook fan page with a customized timeline cover and a lot of fans & likes to really profit from Facebook as a traffic source. Fan Pages category
  • Facebook fans – Facebook only lets you choose a personalized URL for your fan page after having acquired 25 fans, and you need to have 30 likes to use Facebook Insights. So, get them quickly through a fiverr gig and be done with it! Facebook Fans search
  • Facebook traffic – Get instant Facebook traffic to your fan page, for whatever it’s worth! Facebook Traffic search
  • Google+ cover – Spice up your Google+ page with a custom cover! Google+ Cover search
  • Google +1’s – Almost everyone agrees that +1’s will become an important factor in ranking in the Google SERPs. Get them now and be prepared! Google+ search
  • Twitter background – A customised Twitter background makes your Twitter profile look more professional and leads to more followers. Twitter Background search
  • Twitter followers – Get hordes of Twitter followers right out of the box. Watch out, though, Twitter can ban accounts that overdo it. Twitter Followers search

Audio & Video

  • Voice-over introduction – A professional voice-over introduction to your podcast quickly sets the tone and fills the listener in on what to expect. Narration & Voice-Over category →
  • Jingle – A jingle that can be used in your podcasts and YouTube videos let’s people better memorize your business’ tagline. Jingles category →
  • Audio Editing & Mastering – Editing is a rather time-consuming process, and requires the right software and expertise, so you might as well let someone else do it for you. Audio Editing & Mastering category →
  • Intro video – A nice intro video can be used to brand your YouTube submissions a gives your videos a professional touch. Intro Video category
  • Video testimonials – Short video testimonials are a nice way to fill your landing pages as well as getting additional YouTube traffic to them. Pay attention to FTC regulations, though! Testimonials & Reviews category
  • Video Editing & Post Production – Video editing and post-production not only needs expensive software, but your computer has to be up to the task too. Fiverr might be more cost-efficient… Video Editing & Post Production category
  • YouTube traffic – While you’re at it, send them videos you just uploaded some traffic love with the corresponding fiverr gigs. YouTube Traffic search
  • Transcripts – Transcripts of your audio or video content provide additional crawlable content that can appear in the google search results, this way something like your podcasts can be found when searching for the topic they cover. Transcripts category →


  • Bookmarking – Get your site included in directories and search engines. Just make sure that your fiverr gig only uses decent links and anchor texts, lest you’ll be eaten by the penguinBookmarking & Links category →
  • Blog mentions – Get mentioned on other blogs, complete with do-follow links for a small “token of gratitude”. Blog Mentions category
  • Specialized backlinks – Do you need some more specialized and well trusted backlinks on .EDU or .GOV domains? .EDU Backlinks search / .GOV Backlinks search
  • Articles directories – Let someone else do the gruesome task of spinning your articles and submitting them to the relevant directories. Article Links search


  • WordPress customization – Need a quick change to your WordPress installation? Is there a plugin that needs a bit of tinkering? A fiver or two can bring you closer to your goal… WordPress Services category
  • PHP scripts – If you need a simple PHP script (PHP is the script language that powers WordPress) that provides you with the missing functionality your site needs, you might find help on fiverr… PHP category
  • HTML & CSS coding – HTML defines the structure of your website, and CSS defines its layout. Need to modify one or the other? HTML & CSS category
  • Javascript – You can include interactive, client-side elements like form validation or on-the-fly sorting through Javascript. Javascript category
  • iOS & Android apps – Get your blog published as an app in iTunes or the Android Market for additional traffic sources. iOS & Android Blog search


  • Data Entry – Need to have some tedious data entry task done? Don’t waste your valuable time on such menial tasks. Data Entry search
  • Research – Let a virtual assistant do the research and focus your own time on taking action on the results! Research search
  • General virtual assistance – Book flights & hotels, make phone calls, moderate comments, send emails, … everyone can profit from hiring a general virtual assistant in some way. Virtual Assistant category

What do I need to consider?

As you can see from the list above, there are many ways you can use fiverr outsourcing to free up your own time. You should however be aware that there are some pitfalls you need avoid.

  • You get what you pay for – It should be obvious, but I prefer to clearly state this nevertheless: Don’t expect top-notch quality for five bucks! Fiverr deals with cost-efficiency, not premium quality. You might think of fiverr as a Pareto-based pricing: 80% of the work at 20% of the cost!
  • Examine the reviews – The description of a gig only ever tells half of the story. You should closely examine the reviews that the gig has collected to get a better sense of the quality and extent of work to expect.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact the seller – If something in the description is not clear or if you’re not sure whether the seller can get the task done, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them. If they fail to respond to your inquiry, you know you want to look elsewhere.
  • Estimate the time & value involved – If a task can not be done without spending at least 10 hours on it, you can not reasonably expect to get it done for $5. The seller’s origin (depicted by a small country flag behind the seller’s account name) can give you a rough estimate of the average hourly wage your seller is locally dealing with. A 3-hour job that is not profitable to an american seller might be profitable to a seller that lives in a developing country.
  • Estimate the time & value involved (2) – The seller often uses a software or system that allows them to produce the result you need with very little effort and time. If you can get the same software or system for free, then by all means go ahead and do it yourself. However, the tools used by a seller often involve additional costs, such as buying the software in the first place. If you only need this particular result once, it is preferable to buy the result through fiverr, than to invest in the tools needed to create it.
  • Don’t use 5$ gigs to promote your main site – This too should be obvious. Most of the suggestions above should only be applied to your niche sites and side projects. Do not simply use a fiverr gig to promote your personal brand or main website. Your personal brand should reflect your best effort, not your cheapest outsourcing. You can however use your niche sites as quality checks and promote some of the fiverr gigs to “main stage material” once you have seen that the work is of high enough quality.
  • Beware the penguin! – Some of the suggestions above might in fact prove dangerous to your business. Low quality backlinks and shoddy keyword-stuffed articles can quickly backfire and get your site penalized in Google rankings. Only use these gigs with extreme caution!
  • Don’t blindly trust the seller with passwords – Some of the seller’s will want your password to a certain account, to be able to provide their services. In this case you should carefully check your seller’s reviews. Find out if there’s another way to get this done, or if you can give them a restricted access or a guest account. If not, change your password to something completely unrelated to your other passwords, give them this changed password, and change your password back when they are done with the work.
  • Be precise – When you describe the result you want, be as precise as you can be. If you only give vague directions to the seller, the end result is probably far from what you imagined. You can often get a revision or two, but don’t expect to get several completely different versions of the work done for your initial five bucks.

The diverse gigs at fiverr offer a low-cost and very fun entry to the world of outsourcing. As the price really is that low, I personally consider every $5 spent on fiverr lost until proven otherwise. But when this happens, I am glad I did not spend a three digit sum on another service!

Have fun!


  1. Just a quick follow-up: Kim Roach over at BuzzBlogger.com just published a post with her gig recommendations on fiverr.
    Definately check it out: http://www.buzzblogger.com/best-fiverr-gigs-of-2012/ !

  2. Nice list!

  3. Nice post, Al – I bet you my readers would love to know more about Fiverr and how to use it.

    How about writing a similar (hope even better) post for TGC?
    Ana Hoffman recently posted..Online Marketing Tools: Hot Black Friday SalesMy Profile

    • Yes, I would love to. I would focus more on traffic generation then, I’m currently doing lots of experiments to see what’s worth 5$ in traffic and what actually builds correct backlinks.

  4. Also, I’d suggest you stop posting trackbacks; they are nothing but trouble (and most of the ones I see on your blog are spam).

    Read more: http://www.trafficgenerationcafe.com/trackbacks-vs-pingbacks/
    Ana Hoffman recently posted..EmpowerNetwork ReviewMy Profile

    • Yes, you are right, I indeed plan to change this. The trackback spam should now be in check thanks to antispam bee, and I intend to separate the comments and the trackbacks through separate tabs. So trackbacks will still be functional but not directly visible to users. This should be more user-friendly than my current solution.
      Nice article btw, definitely worth checking out!

  5. Alain, excellent resource for Fiverr. The more you outsource the more you can focus on your core business, delivering a high quality service to your existing paying business customers (when you’ve gathered some).

    I’ve already had success with header logos and I’m considering outsourcing certain less important video production to Fiverr

    Keep the quality coming.
    Adam Beckett recently posted..Start a profitable business for £50 or less : Lesson #3 : A Live Business Blog Case StudyMy Profile

    • Indeed, you need to free up time for working on the stuff that only you can produce for your business, that makes it stand out.
      I hope this list serves as an inspiration, nowadays there are countless opportunities for outsourcing with minimal investment.

  6. Hi Alian,

    Outsourcing can really benefit bloggers and webmasters to have more time to focus on specific tasks, thank you so much for providing this useful list of gigs and the tips after it to make sure you are choosing the right gigs for your needs.
    Qasim recently posted..65 Great Blogging TipsMy Profile

  7. Thanks for sharing. I LOVE Fiverr. There are some really talented people out there that provide great content. I often get my press releases and eBook covers designed through Fiverr. But it truely is amazing what people are willing to do for $5.
    Johnny Bravo @www.salesproblog.com recently posted..Month End Review – April 2013My Profile

  8. Thanks for the info. I usually look for an outsource in Odesk and OnlineJobs.ph and havent heard fiverr before so i will definitely check it out.

  9. I’m a little skeptic about Fiverr. But I’ll try it out and see if it works for me.
    Mike Huiwitz recently posted..Ex Back SystemMy Profile

  10. I agree with you, Fiverr is cost effective, I myself have used it!

  11. Hi Alain, very good tips! Thanks for sharing.
    I’ve gained work for my portfolio and a small second income through selling my services on Fiverr.

    Here are my thoughts on how Fiverr can help you build your copywriting career.

    Keep rocking!

  12. Hello Alain,I think all is well,This is a very effactive tips,thank for this kind information.You are great.
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    Have you ever tried SEOClerks? Services starts at $1 and it’s a great place for outsourcing.

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  15. Seems like a really cool idea! Anyone have any personal experience with this? I realize it all depends on the individual service, but I’m just wondering if anyone has personally tried it.
    Richard Thompson@Background Check Software recently posted..TazWorks receives a standing ovation at the announcement of its new feature QuickApp™ ProMy Profile

  16. And you can dictate how much you’ll get paid. Even more than $5. You can add “add-ons” which is awesome.
    Paola Fuentes recently posted..Como Obtener La Visa a Estados Unidos FácilmenteMy Profile

  17. I heard fiverr.com many times though I never attempt to try since I’m not sure how it use. Now that you give insight about it, then I think it’s worthy to try. Thanks that I stumbled in your post.

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  20. Fiverr is a website where one can earn some extra cash . Creating gigs on site will help to earn, moreover i was not knowing that there so many thing for which we can create a gig.
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  21. Fiverr is one of the best sources to earn money by creating your gig. Many of my friends making a good money from Fiverr.
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  24. Fiverr is a great place for outsourcing but be careful with link building and traffic.
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  25. Fever is outstanding platform to find freelancing work online.

  26. Excellent information. I wish I could have pinned it for future use. But it is great info. Thank you for sharing.
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