My Game Plan for Quitting My Day Job

Online Business Side Income CalculationsI’ve just read a truly inspiring post by Jonathan Mead over at Paid To Exist titled “How to Quit Your Day Job“. I recently discovered his blog and I’ve really enjoyed the content he and his team put out so far. If you intend to quit your day job and haven’t yet read this post, I suggest you do this now before continuing to read this article.

I’ve decided that I intend to quit my day job for some time now, and I have formed some more or less defined ideas in my head about how to proceed in order to achieve this goal. But having now read Jonathan’s article, it seems obvious that I need to transfer these ideas into a more tangible, physical form in order to let my intentions materialize inside my head.

What follows is a very specific course of action with goals and milestones which will culminate in my self-employment. By making this plan public I’ll have the added benefit of being held accountable, as well as being able to properly track and document my progress. Accountability is a very strong tool, you should always use it to your advantage. [Read more…]