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Comments & Backlinks ConceptI recently commented on a post at BuzzBlogger.com and came in contact with the plugin CommentLuv. I had read about it before, but this was the first time that I actually used it as a commenter. The experience was pretty good, that’s why I now have integrated both CommentLuv and KeywordLuv on my blog.

If you don’t already know what CommentLuv is, read on to find out what makes this particular plugin a welcome addition to blogs that could do with a little more promotion!

What is CommentLuv?

CommentLuv Settings Screenshot

CommentLuv Settings (click to enlarge)

CommentLuv is a free WordPress plugin that extends the comments area of a standard WordPress blog. It let’s commenters include with their comment a link to one of their recent posts on their own blog. This way, commenting is a win-win situation where the site owner gets user-generated content and social proof, and the commenter gets exposure and a backlink.

There are several settings you can use to customize the experience, most notably whether you want to make the comments ‘DoFollow‘ or not. By default, WordPress comments are marked ‘NoFollow’ to the search engines, which means that the so-called “link juice” is not passed through the links in a comment. If you mark your comments as ‘DoFollow’, they become more potent for your commenters, but they also attract more spam this way.

There’s a paid version of the plugin called CommentLuv Premium which boasts a lot more features. You can find the Premium version here.

I have now set my blog comments to ‘DoFollow’ to experiment with this and also to test anti-spam plugins. Let’s see how this goes…

What is KeywordLuv?

KeywordLuv Settings Screenshot

KeywordLuv Settings (click to enlarge)

KeywordLuv is another free WordPress plugin that is a good companion to CommentLuv.

WordPress normally constructs the name of the commenter by using the provided website as a link with the provided name as the anchor text. This often leads to the commenters not having real names, but some random keywords as their display name.

KeywordLuv gives commenters the ability to provide both a name and a keyword in the form “Name@Keyword“, so that the may provide a real name and still get the benefit of a useful anchor text with their link.

What are the advantages of using CommentLuv and KeywordLuv?

CommentLuv Post Selection Screenshot

CommentLuv Post Selection (click to enlarge)

As your comments will be very valuable, you can count on getting a larger number of them. This furthers engagement on your blog and adds a lot of user-generated content that is indexed by Google and for which you can even rank in the search results.

Readers of your blog also get to know each other a bit better through the added links. This can greatly enhance the sense of community around your blog.

Well, you might even be surprised one day to find out that the comments to some of your posts are more valuable to your readership than the actual content of the post!

Are there disadvantages?

You bet there are! The thing is, where there are ‘DoFollow’ comments, there is comment spam. Make sure you are ready to handle a large influx of automated comment spam, be it with plugins, blacklists or elbow grease (this is not recommended)!

I am currently testing a rather unknown anti-spam plugin called “Antispam Bee” and will provide you with more details on its effectiveness (and a quick fix for compatibility issues) in a future post.

You might also encounter a lot of very short (2-5 words) comments that are manually posted but that don’t add anything of value to the discussion. These are only posted to build a backlink back to the linked blog. You have to decide for yourself whether you leave them online or remove them manually. You might consider adding some kind of guidelines on what types of comments you allow.

So, the best way for you to get to know these plugins is by perusing the comment form below and leaving some feedback. Let the linking games begin!

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  1. Hey Al! Thanks for following me on Twitter. Comment Luv and Keyword Luv are good. Hopefully you don’t attract too much spam! I hate spam. Hope the Antispam Bee plugin works. I use Aksimet and the Growmap Anti Spam Plugin and they work wonders.

    For Search Engine Optimization, blog commenting does not work anymore. I hope one day the spammers will learn! But as you said, it is always good to leave a good comment that adds value to the post or discussion.
    Ryan@Realworldmyth recently posted..Focus More on Skills, Not Search Engine OptimizationMy Profile

    • Hi Ryan,
      Yes, spam is a huge problem when it comes to WordPress comments. When I enabled CommentLuv, I think that the number of spam comments augmented to 4-5 times what it was before.
      Luckily, Antispam Bee seems to hold up very well so far. I had to hack CommentLuv a bit, because there’s a compatibility issue with Antispam Bee, but now everything seems to work fine (More on that in an upcoming post).
      What makes you say that it does not work any more? I know that comment links are much lower value than editorial links, but I don’t think they are completely useless (…if they are dofollow). Besides, they have more benefits than just their SEO value, so it helps you gain visitors in some way or another… 😉

      • Maybe be a bit early in your site’s expense account but you’ll find that CommentLuv Premium rids you of all the rubbish Spam as it has built-in safeguards and thresholds for that very thing.
        I must admit though, it does attract a share of tyre-kickers that aren’t genuine visitors – I compliment things with a free plugin called Comment Probation too. Check that one out and come pay my site a visit too 🙂
        Martin Cooney recently posted..3 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was BorneMy Profile

        • Hi Martin,
          Well, I wanted to test the impact of CommentLuv first through the free plugin before handing out the dollars. And, so far I have to say that AntiSpam Bee has been faultless. What’s interesting to me in the Premium version is the addition of the Twitter name, this is an added benefit to my visitors.
          I did not encounter Comment Probation before, but it looks really interesting. I’ll have to give that one a try, thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Hi Alain,

    Glad to hear that you find out about CommentLuv from Kim’s blog. She is a real superstar.

    I’m the official CommentLuv Ambassador and I stopped by to say Hi.

    Andy also has an anti-spam plugin called GASP that you might want to try instead of Anti Spam bee. If you need help with anything, just let us know.

    Ileane recently posted..Global CommentLuv SearchMy Profile

    • Hi Ileane,
      Thanks for stopping by!
      It’s a bit ironic, I had to fish your comment out of the spam folder, your comment was marked as spam by AntiSpam Bee because your Server IP is on their blacklist, not sure why…
      Anyways, thanks for the tip, I’ll be sure to check it out.

  3. Leo@Professional Jobs says:

    I’m very much a fan of CommentLuv and Keyword Luv, both as someone who comments and someone who uses it on my own website. I think you’ll begin to see the volume of comments pick up. The only issue I have is that sometimes my spam checker considers legitimate comments to be spam, and I have to manually fish them out of the spam folder.

  4. Hasn’t life on the internet gotten so weird and complicated? Without the geniuses behind plugins like commentluv and keywordluv so many sites would simply drop into obscurity, a place where they would never be found ever again. I imagine all the independent companies online that were forced to go out of business and search for other ways to make a living. The internet is a relentless mistress filled with so much chaos, changes and seesawing rules that I am grateful for the handful of tech savvy people (and the supporting community) who make it possible for us to live the lives we want…that is, surviving on the income from our websites.
    Pepere Carlin recently posted..Ou commander une maison en bois en kit ?My Profile

  5. Yes, it is getting ever more difficult to get noticed online… “Build it and they will come!” doesn’t cut it anymore 😉

  6. Thanks a lot for the article. Will read on…

  7. Thanks so much for the blog post. Great.

  8. I’ve seen a lot of sites that get really weak comments because of having commentluv and keywordluv. Some seem legit, but often they are spam disguised as real comments. Personally I don’t use this plugin even though I’ve heard great things about it. And of course it’s great for people who use commenting as their main backlink strategy.

    Thanks for the intro and analysis.
    Johnny Bravo@best sales management strategies recently posted..Sales Prospecting Ideas [SlideShare]My Profile

  9. Hi Alain,
    Nice blog, here I am now poking around often.

  10. I had honestly never heard of Keyword Luv before even though I’ve had and used Comment Luv. I like the idea of working with blogs that target certain keywords. I have to look this plugin up and install it on my main blog. Thanks for pointing out the benefits.
    DW @ Great Passive Income Ideas recently posted..What Are the Best Quick Money Making Ideas?My Profile

  11. wait, I didn’t know commenluv is free for WordPress blogs. wow. I’m putting it into my blog now.
    Mark Murray recently posted..speech therapy for a lispMy Profile

  12. I attest it – commentLuv is a great tool if you want to attract more comments on your blog.

  13. It is actually quite funny as you mention disqus and livefyre, both of which I installed and used on my site, only to have my readership drop and complain about not getting links and also being taken off site.

    So, I upgraded to Commentluv Premium and have not once looked back. It is a great plugin and actually very easy to use.

    Thank you for the additonal site resources, they are most welcome.

    All the best
    Shruti recently posted..UP Police Computer Operator Exam Result 2013 – http://www.uppolice.up.nic.inMy Profile

  14. Hi Alain,

    Glad to hear that you find out about CommentLuv from Kim’s blog. She is a real superstar.

    I’m the official CommentLuv Ambassador and I stopped by to say Hi.

    Andy also has an anti-spam plugin called GASP that you might want to try instead of Anti Spam bee. If you need help with anything, just let us know.

    AlenFabiron@plafond suspendu recently posted..Plafond suspendu protection incendieMy Profile

  15. CommentLuv makes readers be able to interact to blog or site owner, it’s good for increasing traffic. Unfortunately, some people use it as spammy. Good post, thanks!
    Adhitya Chandra recently posted..BOB Sport Utility Duallie Stroller ReviewMy Profile

  16. That’s why I prefer Commentluv over any other commenting system.
    Max Arthur recently posted..myTonicMy Profile

  17. Found your blog online, was looking for information about commentluv, found the blog to be very informative.



  18. Commentluv plugin is best but as u said it attracts spammers..there must be some effective way to stop spamming .. these type of plugins have pros and cons.. it’d be better if this exists for other blogging platforms too.
    SAMA recently posted..Download Frontline Commando WW2 Android GameMy Profile

  19. Very nice information about passive “Income streams, automation and outsourcing” and this is such a nice blog and If you don’t already know what Comment Luv is, read on to find out what makes this particular plugin a welcome addition to blogs that could do with a little more promotion! and i totally agree this.For much more similar information best passive income ideas visit here and i hope this site is very helpful for you.

  20. Great info about Commentluv plugin , thanks.
    Do you have more info about Antispam Bee?
    Vlad recently posted..7 Important Copywriting Tools to Make you a Rockstar BloggerMy Profile

  21. Thanks for such interesting and terrific post.
    Really useful and helpful information. I’ve twitted your blog.

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