CommentLuv & Antispam Bee working together

I have recently added the CommentLuv plugin to my site as reported here. I looked for a good antispam plugin as a companion, as the free ‘DoFollow‘ backlinks that CommentLuv enables are sure to attract spammers. I found Antispam Bee and was quite satisfied with its functionality. I had to discover though, that these plugins don’t work side by side straight out of the box.

When I posted a guide on how to change some javascript file inside of the CommentLuv plugin, the plugin’s author – Andrew Bailey – immediately posted a comment pointing me in the right direction; it is indeed possible to get these two plugins to work together without changing any source code. So I now show you exactly how to do this, should you encounter the same problem.

How do I know that I have the same problem?

When both of these plugins are active on your installation, CommentLuv shows the following unwanted behaviour:

  1. When you fill out the comment form, the CommentLuv option below the comment entry field does not activate automatically.
  2. When you click on the small arrow next to the last post, the list of posts that shows up is not correctly formatted.

How do I correct this behaviour?

First, you need to find out what the name of Antispam Bee‘s textarea field is. You see, Antispam Bee duplicates the standard textarea field, hides it, and shows its own copy to the user. Spam bots get caught in the original textarea field, while human commenters use the duplicate field that is shown. The original textarea field is called ‘comment‘, while the duplicated textarea field includes a random number, in my case ‘96636-comment‘. This changes for every installation, so you have to find out what it is called on your installation first. Then you change CommentLuv‘s settings so that it addresses the correct textarea field inside of its scripts.

Here’s the complete procedure step by step:

  • Drag the following bookmarklet (what is a bookmarklet?) into your bookmarks:
    MouseOver DOM Inspector v2
    You can find out more about this bookmarklet here.
    Drag BookmarkletNote to advanced users: Yes, you can simply use ‘Identify Element‘ in Google Chrome or something similar. The method I show here should be somewhat browser-agnostic.
  • Go to a page of your site that include’s a comment form and click on the bookmark you just created.
  • A floating box should appear that displays information about the specific website element that your mouse is currently over.
  • Hover over the comment entry field and you should see, amongst others, a property name followed by the actual name of your textarea field. Remember this name and then press Escape to close the floating box.
    AntiSpam Bee Textarea Field
  • Inside your WordPress dashboard, go to SettingsCommentLuv.
    Settings - CommentLuv Settings
  • At the end of the settings screen, open the Technical Settings section.CommentLuv - Technical Settings
  • Enter the real textarea field name that you found out in one of the previous steps into the field labeled ‘Comment Text Area name‘.
    CommentLuv Settings - Comment Form Field Values
  • Click on the ‘Save Settings‘ button.
    CommentLuv Settings - Save Settings

You’re done. Depending on your caching plugins and settings, you need to purge your caches to forward these changes to your visitors. Everything should now work as expected.


  1. Wow,, No I am going to try It , Thanks
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  2. Hi Alain, it’s really great to learn a new trick that makes CommentLuv more flexible. That Andy Bailey is some kind of genius when it comes to this plugin compatibility stuff!! Thanks for sharing this awesome tutorial.
    Ileane recently posted..Global CommentLuv SearchMy Profile

  3. Hi Ileane,
    Yes, he seems to have thought of everything, and he was very quick to respond to my enquiries, too!

  4. Not sure if I missed it in the post, but why use AntispamBee instead of GASP?
    Ana Hoffman recently posted..What are Skimlinks?My Profile

    • AntiSpam Bee handles some things that GASP doesn’t like trackback/ping back spam, it makes use of Project Honeypot and, most importantly, is completely invisible to your real visitors.

  5. oh… sorry! Now I find your newer article 🙂 Please ignore my last question! I’ll work through it with your help!
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  6. I’m actually looking for a replacement solution from akismet which i find is catching wayyyyy too many positives, i will have a look at antispam bee, thanks a lot for pointing this spam plugin out.
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  7. This is a wonderful resource. Thank you Alain (French spelling?) and I wish you the best.

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  8. Hi Alain,
    I had comluv on my blog for a while then I switched over to LiveFyre commenting system for a while and now I am back to using the default wordpress commenting system. For comment spam I use the G.A.S.P plugin to help with that. I also found that Andy Bailey is extremely helpful when it comes to questions about his products.

    I can’t seem to get the comment luv to work when I click it. I get this message: Error. Parsing JSON Request failed. error! not authorized 3bca88e859.

    • Hi Justin,
      Thanks for the feedback. A lot of people seem to try out LiveFyre only to switch back to default WordPress comments…
      Regarding the error: I don’t get any errors, so I would appreciate some more info to identify the problem. What browser are you using? Could you try entering another website (no need to submit a comment…) ? When I run the website you’ve provided through a validator, I get 20x EOF errors…
      Thank you for any further feedback,

  9. Good luck with this Alain. Another good one is Disquis for your blog to stop the spammers. Just an idea for you, I know the chaos of the spammers! And your right Alain about AntiSpam Bee, it does some more stuff than GASP. Good choice.
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  10. thanks for sharing how to keep away spammers. Love this.
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  11. Commentluv and Anti-Spam Bee work for me just fine. I absolutely hate spammers. They contribute nothing good to the content.
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  14. So I suppose I should get myself the Anti-spam bee then?
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  15. Commenting on Commentluv blogs is quite a good and useful thing, but overdoing it is considered to be stuffing and spam.. so it must be avoided.. this is a good reference actually.
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