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Hi, I’m Alain. I am a 32-year-old gov­ern­ment employee in Lux­em­bourg, a very small country in Western Europe.

Through­out the last few years, I slowly grew some­what tired of the way my life has turned out, and I finally real­ized that this „creep­ing unhap­pi­ness“ comes from the fact that, until recently, I simply accepted all the turns and twists that hap­pened to shape my life. I somehow never questioned the assumption that “you have to get a job and work 40+ hours a week to make a living”. Then came the day when I stopped ignoring this feeling!

I have since decided that I want to start making a living through online income streams, to be able to live my life on my own terms. I’ll start slowly by sup­ple­ment­ing my current regular income through online means until I am able to take the next step…

So, have fun brows­ing through my site!


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P.P.S.: Yes, you’re right, this page is rather cheesy… but I am currently busy with self-discovery. I’ll buff it up once I myself actually know WHO I really am! 😉

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